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Volunteering Program

Volunteer Program to Self Discovery

The volunteer program includes various work, which helps us develop the village and maintain  the special lifestyle we have chosen in order to continue to fulfill our dream!


What will you do?

The various works include:

  • Developing and Operating Programs (i.e sustainability & recycling)
  • Construction and development projects
  • Ongoing maintenance in the village
  • Gardening, cultivating and landscaping
  • Work in our greenhouse
  • Participation in educational activities with community children, and more.

A work day consists of 6 hours of work with a two hour lunch and rest break.

Content and Experience:

Throughout the week you will enjoy an assortment of classes:

  • Yoga and Movement
  • Meditation
  • Creativity Class 
  • Awareness & Self Discovery
  • Spiritual Classes and more… 

Furthermore, you will have free time to enjoy with others and on your own, social gatherings with the community, communal Kiddush on friday evenings and simple sunset walks in the fields. 


In order for you to get to know one another, the minimum stay in the program is one week.

Arrivals are on Sundays, until 14:00 in the afternoon. 

To maintain harmony with the nature of the program and to keep full concentration in work awareness, we ask not to arrive with pets, and to avoid the use of alcohol and drugs. It is also recommended to minimize cell phone use, to fully dedicate yourself to the experience 🙂

The program is conveyed in English, for the benefit of volunteers who come from all over the world.

For tourists that are coming to volunteer with us from abroad – a stay with us requires valid travel insurance.


What to bring?

  • Work-appropriate clothing
  • Short and long clothes depending on the season (our nights can be cold in the winter)
  • Closed toed shoes for work
  • A hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Bugspray
  • Towel 
  • Personal toiletries
  • Bed sheets
  • White clothes for the festive Shabbat gathering
  • Personal equipment such as medicine, musical instruments, reading material, crafts, hobbies, etc.

Food, Nutrition and Accommodation

In the volunteer accommodation you will find everything you need to enjoy your stay with us. The accommodation includes an air-conditioned living room, a shared kitchen, bedrooms with bunk beds (up to 4 partners per room), two bathrooms with a shower and toilet, washing machine, Wifi, library, and a front yard with a sitting area.

The program hosts up to 8 volunteers at a time.

The kitchen is equipped every week with vegetarian food for your use and enjoyment. Meal preparations are done by the volunteers, according to your taste.
Our kitchen is vegetarian, and we politely ask not to bring meat.

If you have special requirements of food, or any sensitivities, we ask for you to let us know in advance so that your stay with us will be pleasant and comfortable for you. Also if you are suffering from any health difficulty, we would be happy to be notified in advance. 


How to Arrive to us?

Arriving from the airport:

  1. Train from the airport to Tel Aviv Haganah station.
    B. A short walk to the Central Station
    C. Bus 379 from Tel Aviv to Eshkol Regional Council (Found on 6th floor)
    D. Bus 13 – A short drive from Eshkol Regional Council to Tzohar, our village.


Another option is to continue by train from Tel Aviv Haganah to Ofakim station, and from there you may continue by Bus 35 to Eshkol Regional Council and from there Bus 13 to Tzohar.

Arriving from Tel Aviv:

  1. Bus 379 from Tel Aviv to Eshkol Regional Council (Found on 6th floor)
    B. Bus 13 – A short drive from Eshkol Regional Council to Tzohar

Another option is to travel by train from Tel Aviv stations to Ofakim, and from there continue by Bus 35 to Eshkol Regional Council and from there Bus 13 to Tzohar.


Arrival from Be’er Sheva:

  1. Bus 35 from B.S Central Station to Eshkol Regional Council
    B. Bus 13 from Eshkol Regional Council to Tzohar

    *Ask the driver of line 13 to get off at the station of Tzohar Gimmel – Garin Harel.

Sounds interesting?

We would like to hear from you! 

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