For the last 7 years we have been doing what is right and accepted, asking to set foot in the Negev as a community, in a new eco village or as a part of an existing one. After 7 years of doing so over and over again, while accumulating much frustration towards the entwined and difficult Israeli bureaucracy, we decided together, to execute direct action in order to make our voice heard.

Our aim was to raise our problem to governmental awareness, and to show our situation which we believe concerns the whole nation: young men and women who are asking to live in the Negev, are not receiving options or answers for 7 years! We believe this to be an important mission – creating a wide discussion involving the media regarding the stuck situation of the government in respect to settling young motivated people in the Negev.

In August 2013 we set up camp, we established a temporary tower and stockade “Homa o’Migdal” type eco village in the heart of the desert – in the municipal boarders of regional council Ramat Negev. Equipped with: water tanks, solar panels, shades, food and more. Surrounded with abundant support of hundreds of family members and friends that came to help out we managed to establish, in two weeks only, a lovely eco-village in the middle of the desert.

In several days we have built organic compost toilets, a communal kitchen, 30 houses made of geodesic domes that were set up quickly and did not need any harmful foundations (no digging or concreate).

After three very summery months in a steaming desert, and after diverse political and social actions in request of the government’s support in our struggle, after endless court debates, we agreed to evacuate the land. At this point we had recruited significant support from different institutes and MP’s that acknowledged us as a settling group and joined our mutual cause of settling the Negev.

Today we live in the temporary eco village that the “WZO” (HaHativa LeHityashvut) established for us, and we are in the midst of a process of establishing a new permanent eco village in “Shelach” – an abandoned army base in the Negev.