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In these times of struggle, support our community based in Eshkol Region, just a few miles away from the bombed border with Gaza. There is so much to do to make our society better, it is our mission to make it happen!

Our community life is simple and is filled with joy from the small things in life. Fellowship between members and families together with mutual responsibility, is present in all we do. We strive to create a strong sense of belonging, while at the same time conducting very personal and unique households. 

The education in the community is dear and significant to us as a community. As Hillary Clinton coined in her book “It Takes the Village” to raise our children. We see the whole community as part of the education of our children on all its aspects.

Work in our community is a leading principle and being a member of the Garin means taking responsibility for the mutual work we do and becoming an active contributing part in the organized workforce. Work the cornerstone on which the community is built upon and we find in work the manifestation of all our good intention combined with our ability to give and our talents.

Sustainability in our community is a significant portion of the work we do. It is a defining and influential feature of our lifestyle and is a main consideration in our decision making. Sustainability is an ecological approach which is considerate of that surrounding and strives to fit in with minimum harm and impact and maximum contribution. 

The community itself lives an active and eventful lifestyle with unique holiday festivities, parties and community celebrations such as weddings, birthday parties and other social events. The Kabbalat Shabbat is a weekly celebration including a festive meal and a singing circle. Our gifted musicians play a diverse array of songs, connecting various cultures and languages, providing a joyous and loving atmosphere.

The absorption of new members receives special attention in the community.  The constant growth of the community is an indicator that expresses our success and allows us to project a healthy future for the community. We are happy and thankful for every guest who applies to join us,whether an applicant who is actively searching for a community to join or new partners of existing members who wish to establish a joint household in the village. 

Join our mission - find out about the various ways you can help

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