Promoting small business and entrepreneurship in Garin Harel

Entrepreneurship in the distant areas of Israel

As an autonomous growing community living in the periphery of Israel many of the community member find their livelihood as small business owners, freelancers and independent contractors in roles such as – advisors, lecturers, therapists, entrepreneurs, free professions and more. 

What is happening now?

Currently there are an array of Initiatives taking place to promote entrepreneurship in the space in which Garin Harel is active. From lectures, vocational training, collaborative brainstorming to working together in open spaces and holding individual business consulting 1-on-1 meetings with community members.

Thriving businesses and growth strengthens the local community

It seems that the various endeavors to promote entrepreneurship in the community are bearing fruit. New initiatives are born, existing businesses are thriving and growing.

Enhancing the business environment creates jobs for community member and for other residents of the area. In turn it provides livelihood and jobs to a peripheral area where employment is a major concern for newcomers as well as for interested individuals and families.

As a result of the support and the increase of the Garin’s local businesses we are able to absorb new community members in bigger numbers and at a fast rate to an area where it is challenging to make a living.

There is no doubt that supporting entrepreneurs and new business enables the growth and the success of the new establishment of Garin Harel and brings forth a hopeful message to the Negev and to the state of Israel.

We invite you to support the growth of the local business community!

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