Open work space for collaboration and entrepreneurship

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Open work space for collaboration and entrepreneurship

 As an autonomous growing community living in the periphery of Israel many of the community member find their livelihood as small business owners, freelancers and independent contractors in roles such as – advisors, lecturers, therapists, entrepreneurs, free professions and more. 

Due to the distance from major cities and services many people work from home. An idea has come up from community member to create a joint workspace in which entrepreneurs, freelancers and individual contractors can meet, leave their house space to a work environment, talk shop and collaborate.

This method is known as a hub or open spaces. Real estate projects such as these are occurring all across the country and have great success. Establishing an open workspace in the community will enable economic growth, synergistic collaboration and fertile soil for new individual and group initiatives.  

What will the workspace look like?

The workspace will include work stations that each worker can rent out for a monthly fee. The space will have a kitchenette with coffee and light refreshments. The space will also include a large meeting room for the business needs of the community and of the stakeholders that rent the workspace. The conference room will be equipped with a projector and a multimedia system.

In addition the joint workspace will hold lectures and sessions for small business owners and entrepreneurs with the purpose of mutual collaborations and to disrupt the routine with new ideas and trends from the relevant industries.

All the users of the joint space will be a part of the business community and will enjoy many benefits such as group purchasing power and various learning & development sessions from the business and management fields. .

The business model

To start off the joint space will be funded by investors and will be supported by state offices. After the first year of activity annual membership fees will be collected which will fund the routine operational costs of maintenance and management. Down the line the joint workspace will become a profitable business which invests back to the efforts of building and expanding the Garin Harel community in the Negev Desert.

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