Open spaces in Garin Harel

Reconnect to nature and ground

Some of the core values that bring us together as a community is the love of nature, of the desert and of open spaces. We are acting towards establishing a new village in the country side, a place where children can play freely and safely, where adults can take a break from the race and meet friends by the club house, families at the playground and in other open spaces around the village. Currently in our temporary establishment in the Gaza envelope we are fulfilling this vision and creating open spaces for the community members and for guests.

Existing community spaces

Main building – A 120 square meter structure which has served us loyally since the end of the Gaza war – ‘Operation Cast Shield’ in 2014. The community at the time consisted of around 50 adults and 15 children. Due to the fast growth of the community, we are now over 80 adults and 45 children. The main building is no longer large enough to contain the routine activities which are taking place. The purpose of the main building is to hold community event and meetings, Kabbalat Shabbal, Holidays and more.

The club house – During the years we build a wonderful club house made of wood and mud, it serves for social events, extra-curricular activities, recreational activities and is a space that allows us to spend time together. Today we are in need of a larger and more stable structure which can hold us all, children and adults, and which can be available also in the hot summer days as well as in the cold winter nights.

Playground – Currently a small playground shaded by a single shade net serve the entire children population of the community: 45 children of all ages. The playground has a few swings, a slide, a basketball basket that we made and a small climbing wall. We strive to enable our children with the best environment to climb, jump, run, develop motoric skills, play together and most importantly to do so in a safe, wide and open quality space.

How do we intent for it to be?

We intent to widen and nurture the open community spaces in the village and to create new ones. We wish to create an environment in which one can return from work, leave the cell phone at home, and exit into a loving, healthy, warm community space. We strive to educate our children through example and experience to value community, in which friendship, brotherhood and family recreational time thrive.


Because our temporary village was built on an old absorption center in ‘Tzohar’ it doesn’t have enough trees to supply sufficient shaded areas. We wish to create shaded seating areas around the village in which it is possible to spend time in the comfortable hours of the day as well as in the evenings. Furthermore we put effort into nurturing, gardening and landscaping of the village: beautifying the paths and gardens and expanding the existing play area in the village.

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