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Since our early days as a community music and song have accompanied us through our journey. Whether on holidays, spontaneous jam sessions and community events, music has always lifted the atmosphere. Music has become a central part of community of life and many members have become professional musical artists and make their livings as singers, teachers, producers, instrument makers and more. 

Current situation

Presently we provide a home for many musicians and singers and bands and different performers come to visit our community club regularly. We host a wide range of local cultural activities and music events, from open jam sessions, to voice development classes, music lessons for children, and open mic nights that attract residents from the area.


The village is home to a number of teachersת professional vocalists, and talented musicians who perform all around the country. In addition our home grown band, ‘Heart Beats’, works vigorously to promote their activity and perform regularly to crowds country wide.

צליל שנער פיתוח קול ושירה לאירועים

Vision: Musical Center for the promotion of local culture and young artists

We are working to leverage the activity in the field of musical creation enabling a space for singers, musicians and whoever is interested in developing these skills. This space will open an opportunity for local artists to break through, learn, create, compose, perform and record original music. The music center will provide services for the citizens of the region that lack an alternative facility.

What will be in the center?


  • Professional recording studio with state of the art modern equipment to produce music, video and artistic content.
  • Rooms for music lessons equipped with instruments and amplification.
  • Amplification equipment that answers the requirements of large concerts.
  • Professional editing studio.

We invite you to take part in turning a vision into reality!


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