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The education in the community is dear and significant to us as a community. As Hillary Clinton coined in her book “It Takes the Village” to raise our children. We see the whole community as a part of the education for our children in all aspects. 

The Educational System

In the community, various educational bodies exist; nurseries, kindergartens and organized after-school activities for all age groups. The educational system considers the physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing of the child and is recognized as a significant part of their development. The kindergarten system consists of diverse facilities, wide open spaces and a broad staff of dedicated workers who give personal attention to each child based on his/her personal needs. The small groups which are divided by ages, with only several months in between, are proliferating as well as the children of the community in a blessed pace. The program strives to facilitate to the children the rules and norms of reality to prepare them for the world and the various challenges which await them.


Developing Skills and Crafts

The educational system, both during the day and in the afternoon, sees the development of skills and abilities of each child according to his personal affinity as fundamental in the art of education. The programs strive to identify the natural tendency of the child, to develop and enlighten it with awareness, and if the child chooses so, to deepen further into the field of choice. For example, a child that is attracted to music, sport, math or to unique social activities. The emphasis in the education system is on leadership, openness, emotional expression and understanding, ability to share and participate in society, doing with ability to work, trust and acceptance of authority, expressing opinions, communication and more.

Indirect Education

Educators in all fields are present in the children’s lives from the hours in the kindergarten to community Shabbat dinners and holidays. The children see the adults who work with them during the day, going to work in the village, visiting their homes and as part of the routine community life. The children see their teachers, the youth group leaders, the kindergarten teachers or the guitar teachers all around the village behaving naturally in many situations and this is why we all, as a community know we must set an example and be positive role models that match our ideals at any given time. It is not about the role, rather about our essence as educators for our children, for our friends and for ourselves. We are the example for improving and developing our traits, sharing knowledge and so forth. We know the children observe all that is around them, they recognize, embed and process habits and behaviors with their 5 senses and beyond. 

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