Compost and Recycling Center

Simple and harmonic way of life

The members of Garin Harel are committed to living sustainably and harmoniously with the environment. In order to manifest our vision of ecological living we strive to establish a friendly environment for people, animals and plants, one which is accessible to all. We are devoted to learning about the fields of sustainable living and development while adapting to the changes of our dynamic, young and growing community.


One of the first steps we took towards becoming a sustainable community was to start collecting our bio-waste. Each household empties their bio-waste into large wooden containers which provides a solution for a couple of months. Over time we have needed to find additional space to house an increased  number of composters

The next stage of this process involved digging two large holes at the edge of the village to create an underground compost system. These holes were than covered with wooden lids.

Later we added six disposal points using large compost bins on wheels that were designated for this purpose alone. The bins are emptied twice a week in the large underground compost facility. The organic waste is mixed with dry material turning into rich compost used in our community gardens.

Recycling Center

We live in an area that has few easily accessible recycling options. To make it easier for community members, we established a recycling area at the corner of the village which enables the separation of glass, plastic, paper and cardboard. Recently we also added designated bins for plastic wrappers and aluminum cans. Besides the fact that the recycling center has become a place for “findings” for the kids to use in arts and crafts, it also serves as an easy, accessible recycling center that encourages people to recycle.

These grassroots projects arose from a growing need to live a more environmentally friendly manner and to this end we have developed a temporary solution. However we lack the space and specialized tools to effectively collect all that we would like to recycle.

Future aspirations

We strive to establish a bigger and more diverse recycling center which could facilitate the collection of materials which we currently do not have a solution for such as wood cuttings, electronic waste, batteries, large waste, clothing and more.

We envision this development will increase awareness and provide information for our children, community members and the residents of the neighboring area. In so doing, we hope to successfully promote recycling in the region.


Help us fulfill the dream and turn it into reality! We invite you to take part and to support us and our mission.


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