Loves Nature, Environment and Mankind

Garin-Harel Co-operative

Loves Nature, Environment and Mankind

Garin-Harel Co-operative

The purpose of Garin Harel’s co-op is to provide environmentally friendly produce and products that are easily available to its population. This goal will assist and contribute to a sustainable local economy and raise awareness about the environment and our habits of consumption.

What is a co-op?

Our co-op is a trust based and operated by volunteer community members. The co-op supplies base products such as: ecological cleaning agents, bio degradable diapers, organic foods, oils and others ecological products consumed daily by the community members.

Co-op volunteers manage the supply, account for the inventory and run the business relationship with local suppliers. The prices are set just to cover costs and maintenance of the shop in order to keep it as affordable as possible. The co-op allows the possibility to consume smartly, efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way accessible locally, and strives to set an example.

Today the co-op is set up in a shipping container which is not air conditioned. During the winter it is possible to stock products with long shelf life, and in the summer, foods and products that cannot handle the heat are removed from the inventory.

The vision

The vision is to provide quality products that are ecological, arrive as directly as possible from the producer to the consumer, and actively use the groups buying power to promote fair trade and prevent worker exploitation through conscious consumerism.

We intend to extend our food basket to include organic fruits and vegetables from local farmers, something which is not possible in the current conditions. In order to do so, considering the warm weather in our region, we will need to install suitable cooling for the co-op structure, or to install a cooling room that will be placed adjacent to the container co-op. This is where we ask for your support.

In today’s societies, populations live in a way that is not in tune with the principles of sustainability and a healthy environment. Often it is not possible due to lack of infrastructure and other logistics that are involved with keeping the environment sustainable.

We invite you to take part!

Members of Garin Harel, who define ourselves as an environmentally friendly community, are working towards protecting and sustaining our environment. There is no doubt that contributing to these endeavors will enable growth in this sector both within the community and in our surrounding area. Furthermore, the co-op will set an example and become a model for environmentalists and nature lovers alike.

We invite you to support our vision and the proliferation and sustainable development of the community of Garin Harel.

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