The Community Work

Work in our community is a leading principle and being a member of the Garin means taking responsibility for the mutual work we do and becoming an active contributing part in the organized workforce. Work the cornerstone on which the community is built upon and we find in work the manifestation of all our good intention combined with our ability to give and our talents.

Organizational Structure

The Garin has a complete set of work teams headed by the community’s management and an elected director. There work is divided between the following divisions: Logistics, Education, Events, Sustainability and Simple Lifestyle, Sanitation, Health, Smart Consuming, Community Committee (which are elected and have work teams as well). Under each division there are teams in which the community members volunteer into according to their skills, availability, and interest.

Doing is our way

Because doing is such a central facet in the community life we offer the candidates to first integrate into the work teams and in such to bond with the community member on a personal level. This encourages the candidates to connect and get to know the work and to specialize in fields which are close to their hearts as well as to develop new skills and abilities which can further contribute to the community.

We educate our children in the same way; we conduct past time activities for different age groups in which they work around the village on various projects and tasks. In these activities the children learn how to make their dreams into reality, they develop work skills regardless of gender or their families affinity to specific areas and in such they learn to love working and how to produce the most out of their contribution. The children learn the joy and happiness which comes from collaboration and joint work.

Working as an Ideal

Working in the community is the ability of the individual to contribute back to the community in anyway s/he sees fit or the is needed by the different divisions. A community can no persist by talking and there is no way to move projects and processes forward without doing. A person who lives in the community without acting (except working for his own household) will eventually become a burden on the community. The community does not charge any taxes that are not for the paid services provided by the community, instead we each give back for the condition and services provided with our deeds.

The giving ability of a person is expressed in the action he takes, and as such doing is an exercise as well as the deed itself. This approach is similar to the approach of the early Zionist of the 19th century who know that with deed you establish the facts on the ground. Talking alone will not get the job done rather applying decisions and expressing them though deeds.

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