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Sustainability in our community is a significant portion of the work we do. It is a defining and influential feature of our lifestyle and is a main consideration in our decision making. Sustainability is an ecological approach which is considerate of that surrounding and strives to fit in with minimum harm and impact and maximum contribution. 

What is sustainability and why is it essential?

Sustainability touches many of the ideals we have adopted as a community and as individuals. Sustainability is a wide domain which encompasses the conception of the environment, the care and attention to not harm or impair and to do as much as possible to nurture and to allow nature to continue sustaining itself. Furthermore, sustainability encompasses the concept of a simple lifestyle; rational consumption and managing waste disposal against waste creation. Sustainability also sharpens the vision and clarifies what is healthier for us, what is natural, what doesn’t require complicated industrial processes to create one short lifespan product. In other words; what isn’t worth the energy and effort invested.

Sustainable Facilities:

 Sustainability is expressed in several ways in the community, on an individual and community level. First and foremost, the education towards sustainable awareness is what allows constant development in the field. The community members and the division in charge of sustainability, raises awareness in various and creative ways. The personal responsibility of the community member is what drives and enables the organized, organic-waste disposal system, the reduction of consumption, and the recycling and reusing of clothing, cars and so much more. 

Structure of the Sustainability Division

The Sustainability Division does what it can where personal responsibility reaches its limits and there is a need for collaboration. Disposing of organic waste into a large compost pile is done by volunteers of the community in an organized rotation. The recycling areas are emptied every couple of days to the large recycling centers of the municipality.
In every community event there is awareness and consideration to sustainability. We emphasise the use of reusable materials, reduce the use of plastic, and assure all materials are disposed correctly. In every corner there is attention to sustainability and to our contribution to a clean, pleasant and natural environment, which may retain its original foundation. 

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