Cultural events

Cultural events

Garin Harel opens its gates to the residence of the Eshkol region. The village hosts events including open mic nights, talent shows, live concerts and karaoke. Our community is known for its generous hospitality, tasty homemade foods and its open pleasant atmosphere. Our events attract visitors from around the country and from all around the world to join and participate.

Cultural Community Events

The community itself lives an active and eventful lifestyle with unique holiday festivities, parties and community celebrations such as weddings, birthday parties and other social events. The Kabbalat Shabbat is a weekly celebration including a festive meal and a singing circle. Our gifted musicians play a diverse array of songs, connecting various cultures and languages, providing a joyous and loving atmosphere. The weekend is a time for rest and relaxation, exiting daily routine, and spending time together with each other and our guests.


Music Events in Garin Harel

Open mic nights and young talent shows allow a stage for creativity and expression -a place for all those hidden and discovered talents to improvise and perform before a loving, friendly crowd.  In most events, warm, sweet chai and delicious homemade desserts are served. On colder nights, the fire pit outside the clubhouse is lit and it is possible to stay the night. Live shows bring some of Israel’s best artists and musicians to Garin Harel in order to share their passion of music and entertainment that is received with such enthusiasm by the community.

You are invited to come and enjoy – there is room for everyone!

There is a lively and energetic culture in the community that welcomes people of all types and ages to join together in fun and meaningful events. Here in the quiet, magical atmosphere of the western Negev, immersed in colorful gardens and open horizons, it is possible to unite and enjoy the aroma and beauty of the surroundings.

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