Community life

Community life

Our community life is simple and is filled with joy from the small things in life. Fellowship between members and families together with mutual responsibility, is present in all we do. We strive to create a strong sense of belonging, while at the same time conducting very personal and unique households. 

During the years some integrated elements of the community came to be. These elements do wonders for the unique sense of community we have formed together.

The community life includes shared holidays and special events, group purchases and financial support in special cases where one may need a helping hand. When strolling down the paths between homes and community buildings, you can feel how close and intimate the relationships are, how the welfare of a neighbor or a community member is just as important as one’s own. The joint life we share as a community strengthens our resilience, our financial fortitude, our emotional health and the influence on each family and especially to the education of our children.

Different teams, in our volunteer community workforce, are focused on supporting the individual (which is the base on which the community is built). Heading these teams is the community committee, that consists of 6 elected members and the chairman. The community committee is responsible for everything related to the community life; members’ livelihood, welfare, personal attention to each member, holidays and celebrations and leisure times. For this to occur we have created teams for every field: Animal and Pets team, Culture, Health and Care, teams that supports families with newborns and teams responsible for the guest-house, for receiving guests, for organizing community meetings and more…

A community can be a wonderful thing, when it supports all functions of life and increases the ability of the individual facing society. Our children grow up in a rich and colorful world filled with competent grownups who share their skills and talents through lessons in formal and informal educational systems. We enjoy an abundance of private initiatives and innovations of our members, if it be a hobby or a profession, we can enjoy a wide array of initiatives in the fields of: Ceramics, Cosmetics, Carpentry, Gardening and many other health and therapeutic products and services. 

The life experience in the community is tha

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