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The absorption of new members receives special attention in the community.  The constant growth of the community is an indicator that expresses our success and allows us to project a healthy future for the community. We are happy and thankful for every guest who applies to join us,whether an applicant who is actively searching for a community to join or new partners of existing members who wish to establish a joint household in the village. 

The absorption process consists of a few stages,where both sides can assess the compatibility to the community life. At first there is a guest stage in which the person can come and live autonomously as a guest and get to know the community, its members, culture, lifestyle and vision. During this stage, the guest stays in our guesthouse, pays rent and bills just like he would anywhere else. Three months are dedicated to this stage with a possible extension of six months, if at three months he is not yet committed to start the candidateship, yet still wishes to live with us and get to know the community on a deeper level. 

At the end of this stage, the guest can apply for membership and when accepted as a candidate he receives guidance from the absorption committee, which is composed of community members and representatives from the community committee. The candidateship lasts two years thereafter the candidate is accepted to be a fellow community member, to participate and invest himself in our routine volunteer work in the community becoming an integral part of the activities and endeavors which maintain our way of life. 

The absorption is a mutual process of bonding, during which there will be a natural fall out of applicants less suited to the community life. Whoever stays and is chosen to join will be a definite match. Community life is not something to be taken lightly and the whole process is directed to allow a person (or a couple/family), to understand as much as possible what he is entering into, allowing himself to get to know the community on a deep level with love and care. 

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