Our community life is based on friendship, mutual care, and on supportive relationships. As a community there are some purposes we hold dear; we live a sustainable life, we are all volunteering and promoting the establishment of our permanent eco village, we invest in personal development and enrichment of the community members as individuals and of the community as a whole.

Every member of the community takes part in the work at hand by volunteering in fields that are most interesting for him. The mutual work enriches each community member individually, adds to his personal development, and creates a state of constant growth and development of the eco village.

We are all neighbors here, while privacy and personal space of each family are kept, social gatherings are formed almost on a daily basis – in people yards, in the community center or in our club. Our children are close to each other and are brought up with great love.

Every Friday night, a festive Shabbat dinner is held, hosting all the members of the community that have stayed for the weekend. We sing and welcome the Shabbat together, keeping the beautiful Jewish tradition of Shabbat offering a time for union, relaxation and spirit.