We have gathered together from different places in Israel with a mutual dream – to live an alternative life based on meaningfulness, truth and love. At this time, we live together in a temporary eco village in Eshkol region, living a diverse community life and promoting the establishment of our permanent eco village in the open magical spaciousness of the Negev desert. Our wish is for more people to connect to our social and spiritual perception that is a basis to our lifestyle.

The new eco village that will be established will be a further milestone in the blooming of the Negev desert in Israel as a place that thrives with culture, life and peace.

The community consists of about 60 adults, from families, to bachelor’s and couples plus about 20 children. The members of the community work in various types of occupations including social workers, youth guides, teachers, carpenters, kindergarten teachers, social and business entrepreneurs, hi-tech, conventional alternative therapists, freelancers, artists and musicians.

We all are people of faith: we believe in the good of man, in our ability to make a difference, to influence others and our surroundings, and in taking responsibility for our lives and our future. As a community and as individuals we are committed to live a life of love, truth, integrity, openness, brotherhood and generosity.

We conducts our independent and private household, in a supportive communal surrounding. As we live together as a community in our temporary eco-village in Eshkol region, we are enthusiastically promoting, alongside the governmental organisations that are responsible for seed groups, the foundations of our permanent eco-village in Shelach - located in the Negev Desert..