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 We are a community that consists of 130 people: Families, couples, singles and children.

The mission

To establish a spiritual-touristic village which will reflect the ideal by which we live: non-violence, mutual responsibility, harmony and sustainability, personal and community development.

For this purpose we have gathered from different places, motivated and with a strong sense of purpose, willing to work, believing in establishing new villages in our forefather’s land and in creating a healthy moral society.

Garin Harel

The people

Garin Harel is comprised of contributing individuals who have served in the army in meaningful roles. Most of the community member are university graduates and all work in professions that contribute to society: educators, social workers, high-Tech workers and tech-entrepreneurs, free profession practices, art and music teachers and musicians, conventional and holistic health practitioners, instructors and teachers in alternative fields such as Yoga, Mindfulness, Pilates and more.

Today we are residing is our temporary establishment in the Eshkol Regional Council, and are promoting vigorously together with the World Zionist Organization, the Ministry of Constructions and other influential partners the desired permanent residence.

Let's support the vision

Let's take part in the vision - support us in a variety of ways

Shared values

Comradery and community life: we believe it is possible to live in a healthy value driven society which is based on mutual responsibility and compassion.

Volunteering Spirit

The spirit of the community is characterized by giving and doing and touches all facets of life: culture, education, entrepreneurship, sustainability, social action, promoting wholesome health.

Love and emotional connection

We conduct our lives based on integrity, intimacy, openness, acceptance and love between fellow people and maintain relationship of peace, comradery and tolerance.


We make an effort to maintain a balanced lifestyle which combines a healthy balance of work, family life, learning and personal-spiritual development, leisure, social life, volunteering and contributing to the personal and societal well-fare. 

Wholesome Health

We strive to maintain a healthy life-style which combines a balanced nutrition which is free of chemical substances, keep track of quality, growing some of our foods locally, nurturing the body and soul and viewing life from a holistic viewpoint.

Perpetual growth and development

We believe that each one from the moment he was born deserves an environment which enables learning, growth and development. The more a person learns about himself and gets to know himself he improves and develops and as a natural consequence his ability to give, to make better and to influence his surrounding increases. 


We take responsibility and show an active interest and involvement in out children’s education, we have established so far an educational system and an informal complementary education system that draw inspiration from the approaches of Anthroposophical and Montessori education. We strive to create an enabling environment which allows our children to experiment, develop and grow in sync with their own pace and natural tendencies.

Sustainable living

We sustain and promote an harmonies life-style with our environment, with nature and with each other. We make a conscious effort to reduce consumption, promote local businesses, use recycled materials, grow organic foods and reduce our dependencies on polluting forms of energy and adopting alternative renewable energy solutions.

Love of Israel

We make an effort to be respectful to the land, to the jewish heritage and to the different streams which co-exist. We believe in bridging the gaps between people and between groups, while safeguarding the different traditions and while strengthening the state of Israel.

Let's support the vision

Let's take part in the vision - support us in a variety of ways

The vision of the community

Our Vision

The vision of the Garin is to continue the way of zionism and the vision of the early settlers. To establish an eco-village focused on spiritual tourism which is founded on the principles of simplicity, non-violence, taking responsibility, giving, love, growth, and perceptual development.

The new eco-village will allow an harmonious and sustainable life with the surrounding environment, and from the early stages of planning will be an example for sustainable living – life that is conducted by healthy relationships of nature and its resources, consideration and preservation of ecological systems, reduction of consumption of disposable wasteful materials and replacing them with renewable and reusable one.

We strive to be a model of a sustainable society which believes in good, the ability of the individual to take responsibility, to change, correct and influence and to live a simple life which is meaningful, happy and sustainable.

The life in the community will be private and independent, combined with cultural-social-community events and holidays.

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We dream to see the continuance of the development of the country from tourism to work and employment. We see the new eco-village as a focus of attraction for tourism which will set a stage for creativity, culture, volunteering, and development. It will be a lively and prosperous cultural and economic center which is integrated in the wonderful natural surrounding environment.

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